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GIVEAWAY Raffle Ticket
GIVEAWAY Raffle Ticket
GIVEAWAY Raffle Ticket


100% of proceeds will go to Charity 9 Huong Group in Vietnam to assist with the distribution of food and parcels.

War. Poverty. Crime. Hunger. With all off the injustices that exists in todays world, it can be easy to lose faith in humanity. We may ask ourselves "Why should we care if no one else does? Will our efforts even make a difference?" 

Hunger is something we read about on a daily. These days it seems much easier to turn a blind eye and go about with our day. Reading and listening to all the news pertaining to Covid can really take a toll on all of us. I know it's hard to look suffering in the eyes when most of us may be going through our own daily battles. With all the lockdowns and restrictions imposed to the people in Vietnam, many are dying from Covid, but many more are also dying from hunger. The people have been trying to hold on for months now. Lockdown after lockdown they have been living off of rice and fish sauce. Vietnam is in a very bad situation right now, they have limited media attention and the people are just waiting and crying out for help. They are running out of shipping containers where they are storing the deceased. Thousands of people are dying from hunger. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this lengthy post. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, all proceeds from every raffle sold will go to Charity 9 Huong Group. If you would like to know more about their efforts to help Vietnam during this difficult time, please send us a message through the "Contact us" page and we will happily direct you to the project coordinator. 


1 RAFFLE= $5 

The more raffles you buy, the higher your chance to win! 


  • $500 Gift basket
  • FREE set of Brows (IG @_browdolls)
  • FREE Dermaplaning session (IG @_theaestheticnurse)
  • FREE NAIL SET (IG @_hodshelbs)

Total prize worth over $1200!!! 

ORDER NUMBER = RAFFLE NUMBER (If you buy more than one raffle under the same order, the order number/raffle number will be entered multiple times, according to how many tickets you buy for that order.) Please enter a valid email address upon checkout as winner will be contacted via email. 

Winner must be either be a local to Edmonton area, be willing to travel to claim prize, gift prize to a local, or a new winner will be chosen. Prize may not be divided among multiple people, only 1 person may redeem all three services. 

WINNER will be chosen 11/15/21

**discount codes to HOD website is not valid for use on raffle tickets. 

Good luck!



If you would like to continue to donate to the cause, please continue to buy raffles and we will donate all the proceeds! Regards HOD Team xx 



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